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Grilled Jalapeno Poppers

These grilled poppers are an absolute favorite in my house. We make them as a side to almost any grilled meal we make. They are a GREAT appetizer for dinner parties and entertaining as well. They are also super easy to make.

Cooking The Peppers:

I personally 100% prefer to cook these peppers on a charcoal grill. To me it adds to the over all taste and keeps the whole process a little less messy. But you can easily do this in you oven as well, and I have done so many times during inclement weather.

Pre heat your grill to anywhere from 350F to 400F and place the peppers in your grill (if using oven place the cookie sheet under the rack to catch bacon grease and syrup) Each batch tends to be a little different but plan for this to take between 30-40 minutes, when the cheese is melted, the bacon is crispy to your liking and the peppers looks cooked through- pull them out. Let them stand for 5 min and then EAT!!

These peppers actually reheat very well for leftovers, just pull the toothpicks out once they are completely cooled and refrigerate.

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